TKA gets Recognition from USA Government as a Full-Fledged NGO with 501c3 Status


TeamKakata Makes Donation to C. H. Rennie Memorial Hospital ( photos below ) 

Community Service

In a world beset with the Covid pandemic and faced with looming economic challenges, we have stepped forward to ensure our community flourishes despite the odds.

Charitable Functions

Ensure our community thrives and contributes to society in positive ways. Our goal is to ensure that Kakata treads on the path to prosperity and attains sustained growth in society.

Unity and Trust

Our organization aims to secure services for all community members while expanding the opportunities for increased socializing and promotion of community interests.

Message from the President of TeamKakata Association

Let me first welcome you to our website if it is your first time visiting. I am so excited that TeamKakata Association has reached this far in a relatively short period of existence. This Association was founded in early 2020 to secure services and assistance for the benefit of former residents of Kakata City residing in the Diaspora in the time of angst or joy. However, since then we have grown passed that stage and are now emerging into a viable non-for- profit 501c3 charitable Association.

Yassah Kortu-Dennis - President

Holding Hands Together

We seek to protect and promote the interests of the Kakata community. A focus on charitable functions aimed at addressing the needs of the downtrodden segment of the community.

Donation & Contribution

All donations and contributions to TeamKakata Association are eligible for U.S. income tax deduction benefit per IRS regulations. Your generous donation is highly appreciated.

Promote & Support

Our general purpose is to secure services for the benefit of all, socialize, promote, and support members and as well as conduct charity functions within the organization.


Phone (302) 259.3206
Dover, DE - USA